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Diabetes Division (Type I and Type II)

We guide patients in insulin replacement therapy, nutrition counseling and psychological adjustment to living with a chronic disease.  We employ a comprehensive approach to combating diabetes.  In addition to diagnosis and treatment, we emphasize awareness and education – an approach that focuses on encouraging patients to make healthy lifestyle choices.  Our center provides new tools, treatment modalities and aggressive clinical approaches to achieve optimal glucose control.  We also attempt to reduce risk factors in family members and try to prevent or reverse complications in our patients.

We pioneer new treatment options for children and adults including:

  • Daily insulin protocols
  • New classes of oral medication
  • Insulin pump
  • Inhaled insulin
  • Weight management
  • Exercise program
  • Education
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Identification and reversal of risk factors in family members.


Los Angeles Growth Center For Children

We provide complete evaluation for short stature and Growth Hormone Deficiency as well as on- going monitoring for effectiveness of treatment.

We identify children by screening and stimulation-testing for
consideration of Growth Hormone/IGF-1 replacement therapy.  We will consider Growth Hormone treatment for the following conditions:

  • Growth Hormone Deficiency
  • Significant short stature
  • Idiopathic short stature
  • Children born SGA (small for gestational age)
  • IGF-1 deficiency
  • Medication induced short stature
  • Chromosomal disorders (Turner Syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome)
  • DNA deficiency or mutation

Read Dr. Lavin's Lecture on "Why Evaluate Short Stature? Perhaps to Save a Life! (A Clinical Perspective)"


Los Angeles Growth Hormone Center For Adults

The FDA has recently approved Growth Hormone treatment for Growth Hormone deficient adults who manifest the signs and symptoms of deficiency including extreme fatigue, tiredness, weakness, osteoporosis, sleep disorders, etc. We will provide screening and Pituitary Stimulation Tests to determine if the patient is eligible for daily Growth Hormone Administration.


Insulin Resistance Syndrome (pre-Diabetes state)

Many people who are overweight and do not exercise may develop a pre-Diabetes state known as the Metabolic or Insulin Resistance Syndrome.  With our in-house nutritionist/dietitian, we develop a tailor- made protocol for weight reduction, lipid alteration and an exercise program to help prevent the development of Diabetes Mellitus Type II.


Weight Management for Children, Teenagers and Adults

Weight-related health challenges have reached epidemic levels in our children and our families.  Take action now with a therapeutic lifestyle program to reduce your or your child’s risk of developing life-threatening disorders. We focus on weight control for the entire family using our special diet plan along with our innovative lifestyle techniques.  We provide you with a body composition program that has been clinically tested and shown to reduce fat while retaining (and even increasing) lean muscle tissue.  Our program includes practical dietary guidelines, a simple exercise plan, and a delicious, nutritionally balanced food plan to promote a healthy body. 

We empower children and parents to loose weight through lifestyle changes, exercise, and by following our nutritionally balanced diet.



After a clinical investigation to determine if there is an underlying cause, we have successfully helped children of all ages add appropriate weight for their height.



Many team members and weekend athletes desire to “bulk up” often with unknown supplements or illegal drugs.  We can help any athlete improve muscle strength and stamina safely through our nutrition program. our nutritionally balanced diet.   



Who is eligible?

  • Any child or adult seeking a healthy lifestyle change for wellness and longevity.
  • Anyone with Diabetes.
  • Any overweight child, teen or adult.
  • Anyone with high blood pressure.
  • Anyone with pre-diabetes (Insulin Resistance).


What is the treatment plan?

All patients are evaluated by a Board Certified Endocrinologist, followed by laboratory evaluation.  The patient is then guided through our Nutrition Therapy Program with the help of an expert dietitian/nutritionist.  Together, the doctor and dietitian create a customized program to meet your individual needs.

We provide full body composition analysis with state-of-the-art equipment, utilizing bio-impedance analysis.


What are some benefits of the program?

Our goal is to reduce the risk of Diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and sleep apnea with positive effects on your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and Insulin.


Where do I go for treatment?

The Endocrine Weight Control and Metabolic Center is located in Tarzana, California adjacent to Encino-Tarzana Regional Medical Center, Tarzana Campus. 
Address:  18370 Burbank Blvd. Suite 204 
Tarzana, California  91356

Phone Numbers:  (818) 345-7792;  (818) 345-0025


First Visit

Bring your previous office, hospital, laboratory, and x-ray reports as well as a list of your current medications.



We accept most PPO Insurances, credit cards and cash.