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Growth Hormone Center

Growth Hormone Treatment in Los Angeles

For many years our Los Angeles Growth Hormone Center has provided treatment for short children and more recently for adults, since GH plays a vital role in optimizing health for all ages.

Who is eligible?
Very short children and adults that exhibit any of the the following symptoms:

1) Tiredness
2) Weakness
3) Heart Disease
4) Overweight
5) Excess Belly Fat
6) High Cholesterol
7) Insomnia
8) Hypertension
9) Chronic Fatigue
10) Poor General Health
11) Reduced Muscle Mass
12) Reduced Strength
13) Depression, Mood swings, and Anxiety

We will do an Initial blood screening test of a growth factor (IGF-1); and then confirm with a Growth Hormone Stimulation Test; and then rule out any underlying physical cause for deficiency of the hormone.

The treatment involves a daily injection of growth hormone by a “pen-like” device and tiny needle.

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